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January 17, 2013
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Statement from Commissioner John B. King, Jr. on the Status of NYC's Evaluation Plan

"As of 3 p.m. today, 682 school districts – including four of the Big Five school districts - have approved evaluation plans. Five more districts have submitted plans for review, and we’re working with those districts to provide the feedback they need to finalize approvable plans.

"Four districts, including New York City, have not submitted any plans. Obviously, the failure of the City and the UFT to submit a plan is discouraging. More than a million students are waiting for the kind of evaluation system that virtually every other district in the state has adopted. It’s not fair for the failures of the adults to be visited upon the students in every New York City classroom.

"Even at this late hour, Mayor Bloomberg and United Federation of Teachers President Mulgrew still have time. They can still put aside what seem to be minor differences and resolve this crisis.

"We want to get to ‘yes’. We’ve been working with UFT and the City for several days. We’ve provided technical assistance. We’ve provided answers and options from approved plans. We have a detailed perspective on what each side is proposing. I’m confident that if the Mayor and Mr. Mulgrew act quickly, we can review a plan in time to meet the deadline.

"The money is important. But what’s just as important is that educators have an evaluation plan that gives them the feedback they need to improve their practice and help their students learn more. The goal is to make sure every student graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in college and careers. Approved evaluation plans will go a long way toward helping us meet that goal."