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Daniele Martines

Co-Owner & Game Design

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Daniele Martines has been making games since he was a teenager. Starting with the RPG Maker XP, he now designs and develops games with Unity based on his Games Studies master. In 2019 he founded Besworn Games with a fellow student so that he could develop the kind of games he loves himself. He is currently working on his first major project: The Orphan: A Pop-Up Book Adventure.

Martin Langer

Co-Owner & Game Development

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Martin Langer was interested in computer games from an early age. This led to a great interest in their technology and the embarking on a career as a computer game developer. Founding Besworn Games and developing computer games as a main professional is the fulfillment of a dream.

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Klara Vyletalova

Social Media Editor

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Klara has been interested in social media for a few years now. It all started with blogging about fashion. Now she has a personal page about traveling, fashion, food and health. She studied history of art and graphic design. Working for our Start Up company was something she was looking for. She enjoys playing video games to relax and is very excited to develop Besworn Games social media platform..