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Unfold the story of The Orphan

The Orphan: A Pop-Up Book Adventure is a 3D side scroller, single player, puzzle adventure game with a scary atmosphere. A child finds a battered and tattered pop-up book in the attic. With curiosity, he opens it and, to his surprise, is magically transported into the book where it experiences the story of the orphan child in the book. The world of the main character is shaken when a fire breaks out in the house one night, which devours the house and its parents. In search of a new home, the orphan experiences adventures, must defy dangers and always be on the lookout for the henchmen of the orphanage director, the shadow men. The walls of the orphanage keep a dark secret. Experience the story of the child in search of a new home and family in the magical world of The Orphan.


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